Located only 2-4 KM away from town, Kg Jelatok is a Chinese community village with a majority Chinese villagers yet you’ll hear daily conversations spoken in a thick Kelantanese accent. The friendly villagers spend their usual afternoons gathered at a small rustic coffeehouse, run by a jovial middle-aged lady. There is also a Chinese Temple and a basketball court where the villagers celebrate festivals together. Do you know that the famous Musang King Durian originates from Tanah Merah? It is first grown in Kampung Jelatok and it is locally known as “Durian Kunyit”. Stay there a little longer and unfold more surprises – you’ll find Uncle Too’s Durian Kunyit Cultivation Farm, Monkey plucking coconuts to be sold in the local market, etc.
A short drive from Kg Jelatok, this island was badly hit by flood in 2014. A popular local horror movie was filmed at Tok Aek’s heritage house. Rest assured that it is not haunted! Tok Aek is a 96 year old man who has stayed in Tanah Merah, Kelantan for more than 88 years! A Hokkien descendant, he speaks fluent Kelantanese dialect and grows Durian Kunyit at his backyard.
Bukit Bunga is village located at the border Malaysia and Thailand. Acorss the border is the Thai town of Ban Buketa in Amphoe Waeng, Narathiwat Province. 30km from Tanah Merah along the East-West Highway, it has become a hub for local tourists in search of Thai goods. It is a unique area with constant exchange of culture and trade between the Thais & Malaysians.